Catch her in the ZIP FM studio when she’s doing her normal one-woman band routine – selecting her set, playing great music, vibing it up and tweeting to her followers as her body undulates to the thumping rhythm of the music, and you’ll fully understand the meaning and passion that fuels ZJ Elektra.


Indeed, there’s just something very special about Elektra and it’s more than just her much-talked-about high energy on the station that’s dubbed “the high-energy station”. This Zip FM jock is a nicely wrapped package of musical versatility, while being a reservoir of knowledge with an appreciation for all things musical. Elektra, christened Sheryl Johnson, is one of those on-air radio jocks who, while playing by the rules, is never content to passively follow the leader. In fact, she prefers to be that leader who is totally unafraid of breaking new ground musically.

It stands to reason therefore, that after close to a decade on radio, Elektra has broken the glass ceiling into that male dominated sanctuary and is rightfully claiming her much-deserved piece of the pie.


Her slots on Zip FM – are closely monitored by her legion of avid listeners who know that ZJ Elektra always has something special for them. And although she readily embraces her role as ‘educator’, Elektra also revels in being a disciple and is constantly seeking knowledge.

Whether she is in studio or playing at events for which she is in high demand, Elektra exercises her right to offer just a little bit more than what is expected. And this is one secret that has contributed to her staying power and her ability to flex her ever-strengthening musical muscles. And, she balances it out with several drops of humility. Even though she has earned bragging rights on breaking quite a few songs, she remains demure and keeps on doing what she does best – playing music and keeping her audience entertained.


Having made her name on radio in Jamaica, ZJ Elektra has successfully spread her wings beyond the studio and is just as comfortable at highlighting her musical mastery at weddings, parties, corporate functions or night clubs. In fact, anywhere there is music, no matter what the genre, Elektra can be counted on to rock the audience. Her gigs have taken her outside of Jamaica, into the international marketplace, where she has made an impression on music lovers in the Caribbean and the United States. Elektra has appeared on radio stations in the Caribbean and as far away as Finland.


Her appearances include SOS Radio in St. Maarten, Power 95 FM, Hot1075 FM & Vibe103FM in Bermuda, Basso Radio in Finland, Blazin FM in St. Lucia, Vibe FM 98.9 in Cayman and The Joint on SiriusXM Radio.


As a member of Shadyville Caribbean, Elektra holds the distinction of being the only female disc jock currently on the team. Shadyville Caribbean, an extension of DJ Whoo Kid’s International Shadyville DJs fraternity, boasts some of the Caribbean’s most elite DJs. The fraternity was formed with the intention of applying the Shadyville model to the Caribbean to promote the integration of music in the region with music in mainstream markets.

Very tech savvy and demonstrating talent and creativity, Elektra has also been very influential in using technology to add flavour to her shows, such as tweeting the current songs played as well as interacting via Ustreamtv.

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