International recording artist Black Mattic has been busy working on projects and exploring different markets by bringing the dancehall culture everywhere he goes. His latest accomplishment was joining forces with Sound Republica in the bid to reshape music and how it is listened to, not only in the Asian market but the world.   

Sound Republica is a global music distribution company launched in 2018 in South Korea. The company distributes K-Pop music to more than 200 streaming stores in over 180 countries. In Korea, they distribute music from all countries to every major and minor Korean streaming stores (e.g. Melon, Genie Music, FLO, Naver Music, Bugs Music, etc.) covering almost 99% of the market. 

Some of the notable artists distributed by Sound Republica are Kiesza, Mark Diamond, Rachael Sage, M City JR, Jackie’s Boy, Christiane, KELLA, Jim Wolf, Luca Dayz, illvibe, and the latest Black Mattic. South Korea is currently the 6th largest music market in the world and the most influential market for the Asian audience.  Their  first global release which will be on September 24, 2020 with the song called RIDE ON  is performed by Black Mattic and Korean Artist Hauzee.  

Their aim is to transform the world music industry by creating a genuinely innovative open music platform where independent artists and labels can distribute and publish their music anywhere in the world.  With this vision in mind, CEO for Sound Republica Terrence Kim stated that working with Black Mattic “was just a fascinating experience. We knew that Black Mattic could make great music but never did we realize that he could make music in such an ingenious way! Some artists try hard and hone their skills. Some are just born with incredible talents. I think Black Mattic is the latter. I am not saying he doesn’t try. I am just saying that he doesn’t have to try to make great music.”  

Ride On done on an uptempo pop rhythm hears Hauzee’s catchy singable melody in Korean and Black Mattic’s flows as he exhilarates the track.  Although the song is done in English and Korean simultaneously, when you listen to the way the vocals are marred with the beat, you will be singing along to the lyrics as if you were bilingual. The bombastic feeling that the song leaves with you will highlight how dancehall has definitely made its way onto the Asian scene with no point of return.  

Hauzee whose real name is Ye Jin Hong is Korean and was ecstatic to be on the song as this was her first time working with an international artist. As to her plans for the rest of the year, she plans to do a lot more projects and push herself to try more challenges as she has learned a lot by working Black Mattic. 

Terrence Kim added “Black Mattic has an eye to discover a good musician. When he chose Hauzee among hundreds of artists who wanted to work with him, he didn’t think too hard. He just chose her by intuition and instinct.  I think it is in his instinct to created great music. And I really respect him for that.”    

 Black Mattic who also released numerous projects in the Asian market with Sound Republica since this year aims to bridge the gap for dancehall so that others can share their music as well.  Dancehall music is an important aspect of the Jamaican society as K-Pop is important to the Koreans; even with language barriers the music still transcends all boundaries as dancehall carries its unique characteristics which makes it so special. 



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